Therapy designed for your needs

As an integrative therapist my work draws on different elements from a range of therapeutic orientations, in the belief that no single approach can treat each client in all situations.  By working this way I endeavour to meet the individual needs and personal circumstances of each client.  My work is underpinned by Attachment Theory which places an emphasis on the importance of a secure, close connection to enable us to go out confidently into the world.

Systemic and Psychodynamic Counselling is particularly helpful in finding solutions to relationship problems:

  • Systemic Counselling is an approach that works with couples, families and other close relationships to encourage change. It aims to bring out, share, and respect the views and stories of all involved, and to develop a constructive way forward.
  • Psychodynamic Counselling is based on the premise that attachment issues and childhood experiences have a subconscious effect on our relationships. Identifying these thoughts, and understanding how they may be affecting behaviour, can help problems like depression, anxiety and anger.

Other therapeutic disciplines include Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy concentrates on a clients own strengths and possibilities to help them move forward.  It is therefore future-focused and goal-directed, looking for solutions rather than concentrating on the problems that brought clients to seek therapy.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy looks at ways to improve mental wellbeing in the here and now and set in motion positive steps for the future.  It holds that our emotions are caused by how we interpret a specific event and what meanings we give it (not the event itself).  It therefore focuses on links between what we do, think and feel, and provides practical tools to challenge negative thoughts and behaviours.