How I work with Couples

'Growing apart' is the single biggest reason people give for divorce. When a previously satisfying relationship goes wrong, the distress caused to the relationship can result in a lot of confusion and disappointment. At times couples can lose sight of why they are together with neither partner feeling heard or supported.

There may be a lot of conflict in your relationship, which you can't resolve it on your own. Perhaps even the most mundane of arguments is escalating into something damaging or meaningful communication has pretty much ceased altogether. Perhaps the relationship has suffered a trauma such as infidelity.  Betrayal and loss of trust along with problems with intimacy and sex can strain a relationship to breaking point. As indeed can boredom and loneliness within the relationship or different ideas about parenting and relationships with the extended family. If you have any of these problems counselling will be useful and I can help.

My aim is to enable couples to rebuild loving, satisfying relationships, or if a couple has decided to separate or divorce, to help them to do this as amicably as is possible.

Couple counselling tends to work with immediate problems though the past is used to inform the present and place ‘presenting problems’ within the context of the whole relationship. My experience shows that counselling  can help a couple develop a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives, and that this can help them reconnect.

I am trained to be impartial and non judgmental and do not take sides, as my responsibility is in equal measure to you both and to the relationship.